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Rethinking Chiropractic Care: Can Chiropractic Support Help Prevent Dementia?

In this episode we will re-examine the value of structural support as a tool in overall health and disease prevention. In particular, we will look at the incredibly important connection between maintaining healthy spinal alignment and how this contributes to overall brain health protection and optimal brain function.

You will hear from my colleague, Dr. Joshua Logan, founder and operator of True North Health Center in Colorado Springs.  His private practice has been voted  Best Chiropractic Clinic and Best Holistic Pain Management Clinic for several years in a row. Dr. Logan works with the scientifically valid belief that the  body is the best doctor and that it was designed to be able to heal itself when given the right tools and support.

In this episode we will explore the connection between proper spinal alignment and movement and how it affects the immune system, organ function, specifically brain function, and neuroplasticity. You will be shocked to learn how even small malalignments of the spine can have a huge impact on the body overall.

Fun Fact: Did you know that chiropractic adjustments improve neuroplasticity and cell adaptability to stress? (Its a like a non-herbal adaptogen!)

In this episode, we also do not shy away from the common questions people have about the safety of chiropractic adjustments. As always, we hope to empower you to self-advocate to find the best chiropractor for your health needs, so we spend some time discussing how to select a chiropractor to fit your needs!

As always, we leave you with some practical steps you can take TODAY to start improving your health. All resources mentioned in the podcast will be made available for you below!

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Drilling down the Tooth(Truth): Rethinking the Link between Oral Health and Long-Term Brain Health (Guest) Dr. Dawn Ewing

In this episode of Rethink It, we talk about oral health and dentistry and the powerful connection this has to the brain. Our guest, Dr. Dawn Ewing has served as executive director for the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine for over twenty years. As a dental professional, and doctor of natural medicine, Dawn discusses the important connection between oral health and overall health. As a mother of an autistic child, she has experienced personal struggles that lead to a career as a life-long researcher in the area of brain health and oral health. In this podcast, she provides some valuable insights about the function and physiology of the mouth. We talk about the progression of understanding in dentistry as it relates to overall health, as well as long-term brain health and several other interesting (and some might say, controversial) topics. We touch on the history of fluoride use in dentistry, the truth behind root canals, amalgams, composite materials and much more. This episode covers a lot of relevant ground that you will not want to miss!

Fun Facts: Did you know that the fuzziness that you get on the outside of your teeth when you wake up in the morning is the excretion (or poop) from the bacteria inside your teeth? 

Did you know that a dysfunctional organ, like the gallbladder, for example, can lead to tooth decay?

Did you know that 100% of root canals are infected?

In this episode, we dig into some significant current advances and we leave you with the tools you will need to carefully select the right biological dentist to add to your health team. For the resources mentioned during the podcast, please see below. Subscribe and share!

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ReThinking the Root Cause of Chronic Illness

In this episode we take a broad look into the general principles behind the cause of chronic illness and cognitive decline. The goal of this episode is to challenge you and your thinking about health and disease in general. We will talk about some of the mind-blowing advances in science and health. We will take a short trip into history- HISTORY CAN BE FUN, y’all! 

Meet some of the pioneers in medicine who changed the complete understanding of their times and learn how well they were received. (Hint: one guy died in an insane asylum).

Buckle up for this episode and put on your favorite “nerd hat,” and learn some pretty awesome and PRACTICAL science.

My hope is that this small dip into the world of root cause medicine will bring you hope, encouragement and direction, but also to challenge your thinking about how to care for and preserve your brain health. As always, you will be left with actionable steps to take on your healing journey. The power of natural medicine lies in the truth that YOU have the tools and ability to change your health story. My goal is to show you the simple steps you can take along the way.

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The Hormone Episode: ReThinking the Connection Between Hormones and Brain Health

How much do hormones affect our short term and long-term brain health?

In this episode we will unmask the massive impact that hormones have on our mental clarity and focus. We will be looking at the science behind hormone imbalances and brain fog, while also looking at strategic, effective hormone-hacking techniques to bio-hack our brains for a lifetime of sharp thinking and function.

You will hear from Meg Richichi, LAc, from the Hormone Lifestyle Zone. Meg has 30 years of experience working with women’s hormones as a Functional Integrative Practitioner. We discuss a lot of practical strategies to help  women support optimal hormone function throughout their lives. We give you some insight into how to identify if hormones are contributing to your brain fog and how to manage it. Listen as we share some stories from our different practice experiences.

The best part of this episode, in my opinion, is that you will being hearing from someone whose training is vastly different than my own. Meg’s background is as a licensed acupuncturist who stumbled into integrative and functional health because of the health issues she was consistently seeing with her acupuncture clients. You will be able to appreciate that integrative medicine, when done well, will bring together the best research and practices from all health traditions: western medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and more. Join us for a fun and educational conversation and walk away empowered.

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Trauma Brain: ReThinking the Link between Trauma and Brain Fog/Chronic Fatigue and Dementia (With Dr. Elisabeth Varkiani, PsyD)

In this exciting episode, we will hear from neuropsychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Varkiani as she explains the impact that trauma can have on your brain health in the short term and the long term. We will discuss the testing that can be done to help narrow down the causes of brain fog, inattention and early dementia and what is commonly seen in post-trauma testing.  We will talk about the differences seen in physical traumatic brain injury vs. emotional trauma or neglect. We will be talking about the leading holistic recommendations to deal with these issues along with Dr Varkiani’s recommendations in working with a psychologist.

To find Dr. Varkiani, please go to

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ADHD: ReThinking the Causes and Link to Dementia

In this episode, we dig into the history of ADHD, some of the famous historical figures who have been posthumously diagnosed with it, the research surrounding ADHD and the link to dementia later in life. We really dig into the view of the root causes linked to this diagnosis and how to address them with robust lifestyle and brain hacking techniques. This episode exposes the myths behind traditional pharmaceutical treatments for ADHD as well as the risks associated with them. You will gain some practical steps to help you figure out how to not just manage, but recover and heal and help others along the way.

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