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Rethinking Ozempic/Monjaro for Weight Loss

Weight loss is such an important topic, particularly when it comes to preserving brain health. Dementia has been coined “Type 3 Diabetes” due to the affect that chronic elevated glucose levels can have on the brain. Obesity is a top cause of Type 2 Diabetes and glucose intolerance, so, of course, we want to focus on weight loss in an effort to preserve the health of our brain.

In walks the hero, Ozempic and Weygovy! They help us to drop pounds rapidly, they stabilize our glucose spikes. They seem like miracle drugs. But, are they? Are they safe? Are these drugs going to help long-term? Are these miracle drugs going to do what they promised or are they just a temporary band aid, or worse, a scam?

In this podcast episode, we discuss the ins and outs of these drugs. I will give you a perspective that may be bit unique-blending what we see in anesthesia with how I see these drugs from a holistic perspective.

We will discuss other options to help with weight loss that are natural and safe. This episode has a little something for everyone who is curious about the Ozempic craze.

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ReThinking Traumatic vs Acquired BrainInjury

The link between minor concussions, chronic infections, chemical exposures and EARLY DEMENTIA

Guest: Michael Pendleton DC-APC, CCSP, DACNB, FABBIR

Concussions are a well known cause of early dementia and brain injury that leads to a host other behavior problems.

Chronic concussions in athletes has been well studied and was highlighted by the movie Concussion, showing how the concussion does not need to be categorized as severe in order to lead to lasting cognitive decline. A series of minor concussions can cause similar changes in the brain that lead to accelerated dementia, often preceded by significant emotional and mental changes life of an individual. This has a huge impact on the person, their family and their life.

In today’s podcast, I am joined by a colleague who is highly published in the area of traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury and other functional neurological conditions. Dr. Michael Pendelton is a Functional Chiropractic Neurologist who has a clinic in Albuquerque, NM, where he serves clients with a whole host of neurological conditions. Concussions are important to identify early and to treat aggressively in order to preserve neurons, or brain tissue and the longevity of your brain function. The complicating issue in today’s modern world is the increased exposure to toxins and infections that the we all experience.

While concussions are categorized as TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, exposure to toxins, persistent chronic low-grade infections are categorized as sources of ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY. Both conditions have been well researched in the literature and show a link to dementia.
Join us to get a deep dive into this topic and learn how to protect your brain!

Topics covered in this podcast:
* Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)- also known as chronic concussions
* Functional Chiropractic Neurology- (Brain Boot Camp) TreatmentSymptoms of different grades of concussions and associated risk of dementia
* LymeParasites
* Mold exposure
* EMF influence on the brain and nervous system

Key take away:
TIME IS BRAIN. The sooner you act to functionally address a concussion OR acquired brain injury, the more brain function you preserve. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

Some of the Top Supplements I Recommend for the Brain:

BDNF Essentials®:

Brain Support:

Brain B-Balance:

My preferred supplement for significant inflammation in the brain:

SMP Active:

For preserving nerve communication and limiting scarring of the brain:

Asura Brain:

For customized support and consultation, please schedule an appointment

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Rethinking Anxiety Treatment: Are Current Mental Health therapies acause early-onset Dementia?

In my practice, which focuses on brain health prevention and optimization, some of the most challenging cases are ones that include chronic polypharmacy with prescription psychiatric medications like those prescribed for anxiety, depression and even sleep.
Exposure to these medications on a routine basis dramatically alters normal nerve cell communication, not just in the brain, but in the whole body. As a result, rapid withdrawal from these types of medications can be catastrophic and life threatening.
In this episode, we are speaking out in order to save lives and prevent suffering by educating and empowering you with the knowledge that is often not imparted to you from the doctor prescribing these medications to you -(not out malevolence, but out of ignorance). We want you to have the tools to advocate for yourself to ideally, avoid these medications altogether, but if that is not possible, to know how to safely withdrawal and recover from them.
This is an important topic because of the high rate that these drugs are prescribed in YOUNG people and the link to cognitive decline with ongoing use. To discuss this hot topic, I am being joined by Nicole Lamberson, PA, who head of marketing, distribution, and outreach for the documentary Medicating Normal (as seen on PBS).
We discuss what an experience of benzodiazepine tolerance and withdrawal looks like, as well as the research, the advocacy and the guidelines that are being created around this issue.
Join us as we dig into this complex issue and leave you with some powerful tools for self-advocacy.
Re-THINK what you think you know about anxiety, depression, CFS, ADHD and how to identify and heal from the root cause of these issue and stop bandaging the symptoms.

The Withdrawal Project
Benzodiazepine Information Coalition
Benzodiazepine Action Work Group of the Colorado

Consortium International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal.
Medicating Normal (also follow Medicating Normal on Facebook)


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The Perfect Supplement: C60 for Brain Health, Longevity, Beauty (and more)

In this episode of the ReThink It podcast, we will explore a niche product with a wide range of health benefits- C60 (or Carbon 60). We are joined by Ken Swartz, Founder and Chief Science Officer of C60 Power.
Ken is the world's foremost expert on Carbon-60 and it's profound affect on human health.
Known as "Ken the Scientist," he is a passionate advocate for health and wellness. He is trained in biogeochemistry, but worked in nuclear physics, so as you can image, he is a brilliant mind. Together we cover the wide range of human health benefits surrounding C60.
C60 burst into the wellness industry not for a particular health benefit (at first), but for its beauty benefits. This is a leading product in the anti-aging and longevity industry. The reason C60 is so powerful for longevity and anti-aging is because of its affect on an important antioxidant called Superoxide Dismutase (or Catalase). C60 is a Superoxide Catalase mimicker and this is very important, because we begin making less and less of this important antioxidant as we age.
Free Radicals lead to cell inflammation which leads to cell damage which causes wrinkles, arthritis and all those pesky aging effects on our bodies.
WE love products that reduce Free radicals and replenish our normal metabolic pathways!!
C60 has a robust amount of research surrounding it and myriad of health benefits. The discovery of it has actually resulted in a Nobel Prize in science in 1996.
Fun Fact: Red giants produce C60. The identification of it in outer space causes many people to call it an "other-wordly element." A red giant is a star that has exhausted its core hydrogen and begun a process of thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen in its outer shell.


Here is a brief summary of the health benefits of C60:
Enhanced longevity (anti-aging, anti-oxidant)Better toxin clearance and free radical scavengingResists damaging radiation to the bodyPrevents ultraviolet damage, Prevents heavy metal-induced cell damageBeneficial to skin and hair (anti-aging)lt helps the body replace four critical antioxidants that decrease through the aging process-Glutathione, Catalase, COQ10 and Superoxide Dismutaselmproves energy production of cellsStimulates Pregnanolone productionSupports mitochondrial functionsWeight loss, increased metabolismImproved cholesterol Endocrine stabilization.
To order C60:
For more research and information:
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ReThinking Fluoride: What DO YOU DO about Fluoride (Part 2)

This episode is full of practical information. In the last fluoride episode, we dipped our feet into some of the research. In this episode, we talk about what to do about it. How do we limit our fluoride exposure? Hint: it is more than just proper water filtration.We talk about how to select a proper water filter.
Hint: the average water filter DOES NOT eliminate fluoride.We touch on other contaminants often found in water and how to search for this information. Fun Fact: When I searched my zip code for water contamination, both uranium and radon contamination came up as 2.9-6.9x the acceptable normal!We talk about common sources of fluoride besides water, like medications (albuterol, antidepressants and more).More importantly, you learn a few key ways to begin to eliminate stored fluoride and heal your pituitary.
Fun Fact/NOT SO FUN fact: Did you know that the pineal gland has the highest rate of calcification of any gland in the human body and that calcification of the pineal gland is linked to Alzheimer's Disease?
Get the water distiller here:
Get good supplements here:

Shop these brands:
Davinci Labs
Thorne Research

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POUR IT OUT! - The Alcohol Episode

This episode explores the current research surrounding alcohol consumption and the myriad of impacts it can have on the body. We think through the benefits, the cost, and how to use the research available to make the right choice for your body.
The best part of this episode is that I am joined by a fellow anesthesia colleague, Amanda Linton, CRNA, who wrote a book about her experience with alcohol and the impact it had on her life. In her book, Pour it Out (link below), Amanda holds nothing back. She is vulnerable, raw, honest, passionate and engaging. She shares her story while giving you some difficult and unpopular facts around alcohol. Even if you do not struggle with alcohol in any way, you will find SOMETHING about her story that you can relate to, believe me. (I did..)
Amanda shares hope, she shares some practical strategies that she used to help her overcome her addiction to alcohol. You will enjoy dropping in on our conversation!
I book-end this podcast with relevant education and the most updated research. At the end of the podcast, I also share my favorite strategies to support your body after you have consumed alcohol and are experiencing that next day sluggishness and inflammation. These support tools are not meant to be used in way to feel comfortable with increasing your alcohol intake, though, ONLY to support the body after the occasional drink(s).
Lastly, I am including two of my favorite mock-tail recipes at the very end of the video, and for those podcast-only listeners, I am attaching one of them below!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:
Pour it Out by Amanda Linton, CRNA
*This product contains important B vitamins as well as NAC

Essential Oils Mentioned in this podcast:
*the product links are affiliate or directly support our efforts to create this content. Thank you for your support.
My Favorite Mocktail:
This content is not medical advice
Please consult your physician to direct your alcohol use recovery strategies
If you need help with Alcohol Use Disorder, see the resources below:

American Society of Addiction
Support Groups:
Alcoholic Anonymous (AA)
Moderation Management
SMART Recovery

Groups for Family and Friends

Al-Anon Family Groups
Adult Children of Alcoholics


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