Holistic Anesthesia

Recovery and Preparation

Holistic Anesthesia Recovery and Preparation

The development of modern anesthesia positively altered the course of medical history, allowing for a safer and more compassionate approach to necessary surgical interventions. It can be argued that the medical specialty most marked by its focus on patient safety and protection is  Anesthesia.

Working closely with the surgeon, an anesthesia provider will craft a customized approach to your anesthesia care to ensure the best health outcomes possible. The anesthesia plan includes decisions on the type of pharmaceutical intervention needed, the type of anesthetic approach to be used, specialty monitoring, any additional staff that may be needed, and labs that may be required throughout the procedure.

Unfortunately, the experience of undergoing an intervention requiring anesthesia can create tremendous stress in the body, often leading to ongoing chronic health challenges. Many things have changed in the last few decades that make the average individual more sensitive to the stressors of surgery and anesthesia.

These factors include genetic alterations, which have become increasingly common in the population and which affect the body’s ability to undergo normal healthy detoxification. 

Other factors include higher levels of exposure to everyday toxins, chronic low grade inflammation, chronic gut dysbiosis or leaky gut, and higher levels of overall stress. These factors alone contribute to chronic brain inflammation and a higher risk of early cognitive decline, but the addition of an increased exposure to pharmaceutical and physical stress, as is seen during a surgical anesthetic procedure, may accelerate this process.

Anesthesia providers, much like holistic and integrative practitioners, seek to bring homeostasis to the body during stressful surgical interventions. In fact, the first official Professors of Medicine in Anesthesia were at New York Homeopathic Medical College (now New York Medical College) in 1903. New York Homeopathic Medical College was founded by William Cullen Bryant, who “believed that medicine should be practiced with greater sensitivity to patients.”

We designed the Holistic Anesthesia Recovery and Preparation (HARP) program in an effort to provide clients with tools and knowledge to support their healing and recovery before and after undergoing needed surgical anesthesia.

Our hope is that “greater sensitivity” to clients in the area of anesthesia recovery will help clients regain homeostasis more efficiently, leading to quicker healing and long-term protection of their brain health. 

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