Lasting Brain Wellness Begins With

Just One Step

Lasting Brain Wellness Begins With Just One Step

The most challenging problem facing most people who struggle with chronic brain health issues is knowing the first step to take in the right direction.

Today we do not have the problem of not having enough information. In fact, the problem is that we have too much information and sifting through it all can be overwhelming.

Our practice is designed to guide you, one step at a time, in a clinically tested and reliable approach toward overcoming your chronic symptoms from Lyme Disease, Breast Implant Illness, and Chronic Fatigue. 

  • Set up Initial Consultation for Root Cause Assessment

    Schedule a 1- hour appointment with Dr. Sande to review the top root causes of your health issues.

  • Meet with the practitioner

    Meet Dr. Sande via videoconferencing. We will thoroughly review your health history, self assessment forms and any provided lab information with you. We find that most clients need additional functional lab testing to uncover the primary root cause. Customized recommendations for further testing are made during your initial consultation.

  • Take the first few steps toward health

    A basic tailored diet and lifestyle recommendation will be made based on the findings of your initial consultation. You will leave empowered with the first steps you need to take toward improving your brain health. You will also have a view of the big picture and long-range health plan.

The first step in the journey toward lasting healing is to identify the root cause and this starts with being heard. Our practice values each client as an individual with a unique life story and circumstances that combine to create the person you are today. Each person has specific causes that contribute to their current health issues and the focus of practice is to listen well enough to narrow down those primary root issues. 

The time during your initial consultation with Dr. Sande will be devoted to gathering a complete medical history, current symptoms, review of medications and supplements, diet and lifestyle habits, and  establishing your health and  lifestyle goals. 

At the end of your visit we will review the options for labs and other testing based on your personal health concerns and goals.  You will also receive a personally crafted initial health plan based on the information provided during our visit which will help you launch your health journey.

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