Consulting Disclaimers

Thank you for choosing Clean Living Basics, LLC for your health counseling, detoxification and support needs. Our staff is committed to providing you with the best possible professional and compassionate care. We recognize that most of our clients have been struggling with debilitating health issues for many years. We look forward to bringing you hope in your health struggles.For new clients, we typically spend time on your first appointment getting to know you, reviewing your history, any medical records and labs already performed. Please have all the information you would like us to review available 5 days before your visit, in order for our team to formulate the most favorable, effective and efficient health plan. This also provides the tools for us to build and in-depth understanding of your specific health concerns, based on the information you share with us during your visit, tailoring our health plan and any laboratory testing that might be recommended to your specific needs.


Initial appointments and testing may take an hour. Please be ready on time and expect an hour of time with the counselor.


We do not accept insurance at this time, but we are working to establish the infrastructure to be able to be a covered expense through the average health savings account.

Legal Representation

CLB is not able to help clients requiring medical representation in any legal cases as this process interferes with our ability to provide optimal health consultations. If you will require a physician’s help in legal matters, we can provide you with resources for alternate doctors to help you.

Deposits for New Patients

Because initial office visits are lengthy, and because many CLB clients have waited for several months for an appointment, we are often unable to re‐schedule missed appointments on short notice. As such,we require a credit card number upon scheduling to hold a $50 deposit for your first appointment.

Appointment Cancellations

Twenty‐four hours’ advance notice of cancellation is required to avoid the cancellation fee. CLB
business days are Monday through Thursday. CLB charges a $50.00 fee to established clients who decide to cancel the day of an appointment or do not show up to a scheduled office visit.


CLB physicians do not provide primary care services or diagnosis. CLB clients are expected to maintain access to their primary care physician for diagnosis and any after‐hours care. Clients are seen by appointment only. Though we will consult for urgent health issues, for true medical emergencies, we advise you to go to your local urgent care center or emergency room or call 911.

Fees and Payment Options

All payment is due at the time of services rendered. Please note that all payments for services
rendered, with the inclusion of ordered labs, are final. We accept cash, personal checks, all major credit cards, and CareCredit.

Our consultations are usually done over a secure HIPPA compliant platform via Wellevate. For all clients, phone consults can be offered in lieu of video chat visits at the consultant’s discretion, though video consultation is preferred. Much can be ascertained about health, overall wellness or illness by observation of an individual. Our approach to wellness often involves intensive intervention at the start of most programs, and you may not receive all the benefits of your individual treatment plan if you choose to proceed with a less aggressive approach. At minimum, prepare to be seen monthly for the first 6-12 months and then a minimum of twice a year for follow‐up after this period. You must make a continue regular follow ups with your
primary care physician as directed by them.