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Our company, Clean Living Basics, was developed from a deep desire to bring well-care into the forefront of the health paradigm. The passion was inspired by seeing so many people suffer from conditions that they themselves had the tools to overcome. We believe that people are able to care for themselves and bring healing to their own bodies when they are given the right information, the right tools and when they are empowered with hope. We also believe that caring for our bodies is an act of faith and worship and a way to thank our Creator for the gift of life that we get to enjoy. 

As a health consultant for over 10 years and a medical provider for almost 20 years, I have seen so many people suffering and helpless when their bodies fail them. I understand that physical and emotional suffering is complex and unique to each person, so I spend a great deal of time trying to understand the individuals that I get the privilege to care for. My hope is to bring education, tools, resources and support to these people. 

My focus is on chronic health conditions with a particular interest in empowering families with children who are struggling with chronic health issues that may be caused by un-identified and treatable environmental exposures or underlying chronic infections. I know first hand and from hours of research that addressing these issues earlier in life will prevent a myriad of health problems in adulthood as well as optimize the child’s ability to learn and thrive.  Our team provides relevant education regarding these issues, as well as tools, a community and many other resources. 

What we provide:

  • Health consultations and tailored wellness strategies
  • Counseling on supplementation and access to quality supplement resources
  • Lab testing and review as requested
  • Frequent follow ups
  • Education through blogs and video resources
  • Discounts on specific wellness products and supplements
  • Health and nutritional coaching with personalized diet strategies and daily accountability
  • Support, encouragement, hope
  • Private Facebook and Telegram communities

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

  • Sande and the Clean Living Basics Team!
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