Specialized Detoxification Protocols for the Current Situation (Post Inject/Pre Inject)

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In the recent eight to nine months, as mandates have driven up the pressure on people who have been forced to choose between medical freedom and their jobs, there has been a huge request for information related to how to undergo vaccine detoxification. Unlike the past, where we understood the ingredients of most vaccines and their adjuvants, in the case of the current jab, we have no solid information, except that which has been supplied through independent scientists who have investigated the concoction via microscopic analysis and other lab mediums. The way we decide to undergo detoxification from anything is highly dependent on what that thing is that we are trying to remove from the body. It all boils down to chemistry! To get a glimpse into the toxin-specificity of using products, review our binder blog where we touch on how we tailor binders to specific toxins (and that is only one group of products used for detoxification).

Here are a few questions we need to ask before we plan how to approach detoxification:

  1. What is our baseline liver and kidney function like (in other words, are your innate detoxification pathways optimized)? 
  2. Do you have MTHFR or other genetic variation of the detoxification system?
  3. Do you have any issues with inflammation in the gut or concerns for leaky gut?
  4. What is your baseline diet like?
  5. Do you currently have cardiac issues?
  6. Do you take any drugs that drive up your sympathetic nervous system (ADHD meds for example)?
  7. What are we detoxing? (heavy metals, parasites, radioactive elements, glyphosate, pesticide/herbicides)
  8. Will the product contain human or mammalian proteins (which can induce autoimmunity)? 

These variations in personal health and wellness will direct the overall focus used to effectively detox from something as ambiguous as the current shot. That said, based on the up to date literature available, we can answer the last two questions and give the average person a basic protocol for adequate detoxification. What we currently understand about the m r n a/ d n a based injections is that they contain a variety of adjuncts including human cell coding, glyphosate, heavy metals and there is a high suspicion for parasites among other synthetic nanoparticles. The HEK cell lines derived from an aborted fetus in the late 1970’s was also used to create the media for these injections along with other scheduled childhood shots. Though not direct fetal tissue is contained, the genetic code from the cell line is what is used for the media, which can still stimulate an autoimmune type of response in humans. These are the things to consider when we want to create a detox regimen following the injection.

We want to focus on the following things:

  • Increase the liver’s ability to move a sudden increased amount of heavy metals, pesticides and glyphosate out of the body. This requires increasing the precursors to the production of glutathione and other antioxidants which can be done by and utilizing products like vitamin C, lipoic acid and supplemental glutathione among other things.
  • We also need to bind the toxic products in the injection as they are introduced. Ideally, detoxing around the time of injection is best, as you can actively add binders to the routine to maximize the removal of a variety of toxins. 
  • Lastly we need to support the immune system response around the time of the injection. This is done by both temporarily dampening the immediate immune response at the time of injection to limit the uptake and spread of the constituents into the cells and lymphatics, while subsequently increasing the immune function to provide protection of the T and B cells. 
  • Meanwhile, we need to ensure the balance of T lymphocyte mediated cytokines, particularly TH1 and TH2 cells. This helps avoid the trigger, or worsening, of autoimmunity and chronic illness. 

For the science minded among us, and just for a little review/explanation: T lymphocytes are the major source of cytokines in the body. A subgroup of these are helper T cells (TH) which are distinguished into TH1 and TH2 by their action. 

TH1: responsible for creating cytokines in response to intracellular parasites. Linked with mold, and other toxins. In excess it can lead to the perpetuation of autoimmune responses.

TH2: responsible for producing cytokines in order to promote the production of IgE and to produce more eosinophils in response to an atopic (allergenic) exposure. In excess, these prevent the antimicrobial action of TH1.

So, you see that the key to these two subgroups is that they need to remain in balance or they counter the action of one another, leading to chronic infection, disease and illness.

Now that you know the background reasons for how we design this detox protocol, let’s dig in and show you WHAT to do 🙂


Begin one week prior to injection:


Sunchlorella Chlorella (500 mg) [Alternative: Researched Nutritionals Toxinpul]

  • Start with 2 caps am and pm, increase slowly to 6 caps am and pm (full dose)

Cellcore Viradchem binder

  • 2 capsules twice a day

Quicksilver Liposomal Glutathione (and for those who are veteran coffee enema users, you will bump your routine to at least 1 per day or 1 per every other day) [Alternative: Researched Nutritionals Trifortify (Liposomal Glutathione)]

  •  Take 1 to 4 pumps (2 pumps is 1.0mL) or more 2-4 times per day



Thujan (Esberitox) 

  • 1 right before injection then 3 per day for 5 days

Cellcore Biotoxin Binder 

  • 2 caps internally just prior to injection
  • Make a paste with one capsule biotoxin binder and distilled water- apply to the injection site and allow to dry then cover with bandage for an additional 2 hours. Best if Cellcore Hydroxygen is added to the mixture.


Fish oil (Nordic Naturals Pro2000)- (high dose for 1 week prior and continued for an additional week following injection)

  • 2 caps twice daily

Buffered Vitamin C (Designs for Health)

  • 2000 units, 3 times daily

R Lipoic Acid (Pure Encapsulations)

  • 100 mg twice daily

[Alternative which combines Buffered C and R Lipoic into one: Researched Nutritionals C-RLA]

Low histamine balanced multi-vitamin (Pure encapsulations)

Cellcore Biotoxin binder added day of injection, continued for 3 weeks

  • 2 caps three times daily

Cellcore Biotoxin binder will also be made into a paste to apply to injection site*

Cellcore Para 1 and Para 2

  • 2 caps am and pm on an empty stomach
  • this will only be taken the week following each injection



Quercetin/Nettles (DHist)[Alternative: Researched Nutritionals Histaquel]

  • 2 caps twice daily

Cellcore HMET binder 

  • Begin day of injection continue through 2 weeks beyond second injection
  • 2 caps twice daily


POST VACCINE Immune modulation (begin on 2nd week following second injection for 4 weeks)

 Natural Killer Cell Support (Orthomolecular NK Stim) [Alternative and preferred: Transfer Factor Multi-Immune ]

  • 2 caps 2x daily for 4 weeks

Colostrum (Douglas Laboratories colostrum powder)

  • Take 1 teaspoon (1/3 scoop) with food- can be added to shake


  • 1 caps twice daily

Turmeric (Innate Response Turmeric Response) [Alternative: doTERRA Deep Blue Capsules]

  • 1 cap twice daily

[Alternative which combines NAC and Turmeric into one: Researched Nutritionals CytoQuel]

The binders in this protocol are critical as they actually PROVIDE energy to the body that is needed to repair any injury from the shot, but also to be able to efficiently metabolize the supplements we are taking throughout the detoxification protocol. Anything we take in the form of supplementation, medication and even food requires ENERGY (electrons and ATP) to break down into usable forms. So, you drain your battery a bit when you take a bunch of supplements that are energetically neutral, even if the supplements are needed. 

You drain the battery of your cells even more when you take supplements that are full of toxins, since this requires energy to not only break down the supplement, but also to stabilize the positive charge of the toxins within the body. 

Have you ever felt drained after taking a bunch of (assuming good quality) supplements? It is due to the fact that your body uses energy to break these supplements into usable constituents.

The carbon technology found in the Cellcore Biotoxin Binder, Viradchem and HMET and Carboxy binders donate electrons, polysaccharides and polyelectrolytes to the mitochondria to ensure balanced energy as the body undergoes metabolism of the other neutral supplements.

Lastly, the resounding and probably remaining question is this: can I really detox from something that has started to be incorporated in some way into my genetic code (m R N A and DNA shots)?The honest answer is that we don’t fully know. That said, we ARE able to think through the science of epigenetics and utilize a few, very powerful tools, to reduce the genetic uptake and expression of the foreign code that is introduced in these shots. The tools we use to maximize this are the binders, that contain carbon technology, listed in this protocol. Other great tools are pure essential oils, and quality supplementation.

Key reminders:

  • Hydrate adequately as you undergo this more intensive detox protocol. The toxins moved out of your cells will be excreted both in the stool and in the urine, so it is of critical importance to keep those kidneys hydrated.
  • Move your body. In this situation, GENTLE exercise is the key. We want to support the movement of blood through the tissues, adequately support the flow of the lymphatics (all of which is done with exercise), but at the same time, we want to avoid overexerting the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system. With excess vigorous exercise, this can occur. During detoxification, we want to focus on calming the nervous system in order to improve detoxification, so light exercise is encouraged. 
  • Rest/ Sleep- focus on obtaining a minimum of 7 hours of sleep if you are an adult. Rest supports the parasympathetic healing portion of your autonomic nervous system and is highly important in detoxification
  • If you want to crank it up a bit, utilize a far infrared sauna and a near infrared light therapy!
  • Don’t forget the basics: Clean air, clean food, clean water. Bump up the fiber and green foods as you detox and make sure your water is pure!


Researched Nutritionals available at https://www.researchednutritionals.com/  for my patients. You must register as my patient using provider code: BAPAC 

Cellcore Products available at https://cellcore.com/pages/register for my patients. You must register as my patient using provider code: dFzDGAaO (my active clients all receive a 10% discount on these products)

For protocols not using Researched Nutritionals products, are available with dosing instructions on Wellevate.me under protocols. Register at https://wellevate.me/CleanLivingBasics

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