Nat Colon Clr


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Colon Cleansing & Detoxification

Two capsules contain: 790mgs. of a proprietary blend of Aloe, Barberry, Black walnut, Cascara Sagrada, Dandelion, Ginger, Sage, Slippery elm, Turkey rhubarb

Dosage: 1-3 capsules 1x daily or as directed

Organic or Wildcrafted Herbs to Support Healthy Bowel Function Formulated by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, featured in “The Detox Solution”. 90 Veggie Capsules

Traditionally effective for:

  • Colon cleansing and detoxification
  • Parasites infections
  • Candida infections
  • Diarrhea/constipation imbalances
  • Heavy metals detoxification
  • Works well in conjunction with Nat Body CLR
  • Nat Colon CLR

Additional information:

“The bowel must be considered first in the disease reversal process, according to Hering’s Law of Cure… Cleansing and purifying the body must start with the bowel.” Dr. Bernard Jensen
Of the five main organs of elimination, including the skin, kidneys, lymph and lungs, the large intestine is arguably the most abused and neglected. Poor dietary choices, environmental contaminants and insufficient digestion all contribute to an excess of undigested food particles and toxins in the bowel, leading to putrefaction, gas and bloating and promote the growth of harmful microorganisms in the gut.

Over time, the bowel becomes sluggish and is unable to carry out its eliminative functions. In a healthy individual, food should pass through the body in approximately 18 hours. Due to the over consumption of processed foods, a lack of fresh, fiber-rich foods and water and an overload of chemical additives, bowel transit time for the average person is now between 48 and 96 hours. Insufficient elimination means food particles sit in the colon for longer periods of time, allowing for the reabsorption of wastes, cholesterol and by-products of bacterial fermentation.
Autointoxication is the root cause of many of today’s diseases and illnesses. Normal bowel function is required for the health of the entire body and for the prevention of disease. The inability to detoxify and eliminate wastes results in the poisoning of the body by its own toxins and affects every organ, system and cell in the body. Abdominal pain, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea are obvious signs of intestinal toxicity. Foggy thinking, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, circulatory problems, etc., are also a result of damage and dysfunction caused by internal toxicity.

Cleansing the colon is crucial for the restoration of health and vitality. Almost all products of detoxification from the liver and other organs of detoxification end up in the large intestine to be eliminated. Proper functioning of this organ in the removal of wastes from the body is critical to prevent illness and disease and increasing energy levels.
Nat Colon CLR is a proprietary blend of organic or wildcrafted herbs that work synergistically to gently stimulate non-dependent eliminative process and restore tone and function to the large intestine without abrasive irritation or causing the colon to fill with water through larger dosing of magnesium derivatives (remember Milk of Magnesia operates on this principle…!). Vitamin B5 (the only true laxative) and adrenal insufficiency must always be ruled out.

Botanicals traditionally used in Chinese, Native American, and Ayurvedic healing combine to support cleansing and detoxification of the eliminative pathways, while nourishing the liver, gallbladder and colon, stimulating natural digestive and eliminative processes, soothing inflamed mucosa and restoring balance and vitality to the entire body.
Nat Colon CLR provides safe and effective colon cleansing and detoxification. Nat Colon CLR combines with Nat Body CLR to offer an effective program that opens the pathways of elimination and restores balance, health and vitality.

*These statements have not been evaluated be the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.