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Mediator Release Test – MRT 88/135/176


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MRT® is the most advanced and reliable test for hidden inflammatory reactions to foods and food-chemicals and identifies your BEST foods which help you make a strategic food plan in order to rapidly reduce systemic and digestive inflammation, improving outcomes of digestive health recovery programs.

Food reactions cause more health problems than you might think. They affect over 70% of the US population and are often a potential root cause, or further an issue that  complicates existing health problems. Symptoms of food sensitivities can range from skin issues like eczema, to brain issues like fatigue as well as much more.

Most people are completely unaware of the physical burdens that they have grown accustomed to from these sensitivities and they have just gotten used to feeling increasing discomfort. Frequently, food sensitivities are the missing link in identifying or supporting recovery from the root causes of illness.

Mediator Release Testing, MRT®, is the most advanced and reliable functional assessment of immunological pathways activated by food and food chemicals in the diet.

Not only does MRT® give insight into inflammation provoking foods and food-chemicals, but more importantly MRT® identifies your BEST foods – the foods that form the basis of Oxford’s LEAP Eating Plan.

Simply put, MRT® gives you information you can’t get any other way, and that information directly translates practical fixes like customized diet changes to really help.

With MRT, you can:

  • Discover all of your unique hidden food vulnerabilities

  • Quantify the inflammatory response to food & food-chemicals- which ones are important?

  • Get information no other blood test can!

  • Know exactly what the BEST foods are for you – knowledge is power

  • Cover the widest range of inflammatory pathways

Experience immediate health transformation!

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