Hydrangea Intrinsic


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Provides effective decongestion and balance of the Gall Bladder

Ingredients: Hydrangea (root) Hydrangea Arborescens; Barberry (bark) Berberis Vulgaris; Chanca Piedra (aerial parts) Phyllanthus Niruri; Fringe Tree (bark) Chionanthus Virginicus; Artichoke (root) Cynara Scolymus; Blue Flag (root) Iris Versicolor; Club Moss (whole plant) Lycopodium Clavatum; Fennel (seed) Foeniculum Vulgare; Bile Salts; Milk Thistle (seed) Silybum Marianum 4:1 extract

Dosage: 30 drops orally in warm water 2x daily or as directed

Traditionally may assist with:

  • Gall bladder decongestant
  • Thins viscosity of the bile
  • Stimulates bile flow
  • Ileo-cecal valve / GERDs
  • Reactive Hypoglycemia
  • Decongests biliary tree / biliary stasis
  • Gallstones & kidney stones (anti-lithic)
  • Gout
  • Assists in the conversion of blood fats to blood sugar (when dosed between meals)