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Female Hormonal Balancer

Ingredients: Adrenal 3X, 6X, 12X, 6C, ATP 5X, 8X, 30X, Cimicifuga racemosa 3X, Fucus vesiculosus 3X, Glycyrrhiza glabra 3X, Hypothalamus 3X, 6X,12X, 6C, Limbic 6X,6C, Mammary 6C, Ovary 6C, Pituitary 3X, 6X,12X, 6C, Pulsatilla nigricans 12X, Sepia 12X, Thyroid 3X, 6X,12X, 6C, Uterus 6C, Vitex agnus castus 3X, Xanthoxylum fraxineum 3X, Beech 30C, Cerato 30C, Elm 30C, Gentian 30C, Willow 30C, Wild rose 30C, Larch 30C

This remedy includes herbs in homeopathic strengths known to assist with female hormone balance together with homeopathic hormone sarcodes to assist with balancing the female endocrine network, and contains Bach Flower essences to assist with female emotional balance.

Dosage: 30 drops 2x daily or as directed

Traditionally effective for:

  • Female hormonal support
  • Female emotional balance
  • Restoring sexual energy

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