Biopure Zeobind


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ZeoBind® contains natural zeolite ions that hold a negative charge (anions). Heavy metals, such as mercury ions, have a positive charge (cations). The attraction between the positive and negative charged ions allows ZeoBind® to bind with heavy metals in the gastrointestinal tract and shuttle them out of the body. This efficient process supports immune and gastrointestinal health, promotes homeostasis, normalizes detoxification, and encourages a balanced response to oxidative stress.*Binds and eliminates heavy metals, including lead, aluminum, and mercury, in the gastrointestinal tract*
Supports immunity, gastrointestinal health, and microbiome balance*
Promotes normalized detoxification and a balanced response to oxidative stress.Natural Zeolite has a three-dimensional tetrahedrally coordinated structure, which is microporous and has a unique honeycomb network of interconnected tunnels and ‘cages’ which act as a ‘molecular sieve,’ making the fine powder an excellent binding agent.

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