Welcome to our store! We have made some of the top health products that we recommend available to you in one convenient location.

As an integrative practice, we expect the products and supplements that we recommend to have consistent benefits and reliable outcomes, so we are very selective of the products and supplements we recommend. You will only find products that we regularly recommend to our clients listed in our online store. Please note, several lines of supplements are only available if you are a current client with our practice, as they require practitioner supervision.

Books we recommend

We wanted to provide you with some helpful reading resources to empower you to understand the basic principles of healing. The reading list includes resources to understand basic human health and function, the electric nature of our bodies and safe guidelines for a lifestyle of detoxification and the influence of stress and trauma on the physical body. This list is not complete and we will continue to add resources as they are reviewed for accuracy.

The Natural Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Anesthesiology without Fear
The Body Bears the Burden
The Detox Solution
The Fourth Phase of Water
The Hidden Messages in Water