The Hormone Episode: ReThinking the Connection Between Hormones and Brain Health

How much do hormones affect our short term and long-term brain health?

In this episode we will unmask the massive impact that hormones have on our mental clarity and focus. We will be looking at the science behind hormone imbalances and brain fog, while also looking at strategic, effective hormone-hacking techniques to bio-hack our brains for a lifetime of sharp thinking and function.

You will hear from Meg Richichi, LAc, from the Hormone Lifestyle Zone. Meg has 30 years of experience working with women’s hormones as a Functional Integrative Practitioner. We discuss a lot of practical strategies to help  women support optimal hormone function throughout their lives. We give you some insight into how to identify if hormones are contributing to your brain fog and how to manage it. Listen as we share some stories from our different practice experiences.

The best part of this episode, in my opinion, is that you will being hearing from someone whose training is vastly different than my own. Meg’s background is as a licensed acupuncturist who stumbled into integrative and functional health because of the health issues she was consistently seeing with her acupuncture clients. You will be able to appreciate that integrative medicine, when done well, will bring together the best research and practices from all health traditions: western medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and more. Join us for a fun and educational conversation and walk away empowered.