ReThinking the Root Cause of Chronic Illness

In this episode we take a broad look into the general principles behind the cause of chronic illness and cognitive decline. The goal of this episode is to challenge you and your thinking about health and disease in general. We will talk about some of the mind-blowing advances in science and health. We will take a short trip into history- HISTORY CAN BE FUN, y’all! 

Meet some of the pioneers in medicine who changed the complete understanding of their times and learn how well they were received. (Hint: one guy died in an insane asylum).

Buckle up for this episode and put on your favorite “nerd hat,” and learn some pretty awesome and PRACTICAL science.

My hope is that this small dip into the world of root cause medicine will bring you hope, encouragement and direction, but also to challenge your thinking about how to care for and preserve your brain health. As always, you will be left with actionable steps to take on your healing journey. The power of natural medicine lies in the truth that YOU have the tools and ability to change your health story. My goal is to show you the simple steps you can take along the way.

4th of July