Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Healthcare and Holistic Health: My Story

In this episode, I am sharing with you the unique journey that led a medically trained healthcare provider to transition into holistic and integrative health. Making myself vulnerable, I share stories of my health, my family and my failures. We talk about the journey that many other medical professionals have also gone on. We discuss how incomplete the drug-and-surgery-only approach to healthcare can be and begin to look at simple ways to empower yourself toward better health, particularly toward preserving your brain health for as long as you live! Did you know that there has been (at least) a 400% increase in the people diagnosed with EARLY ONSET DEMENTIA? That diagnosis is made in people ages 30-64 years old. And those numbers come from ONLY ONE insurance company, so it does not include uninsured or other insured demographics. This should cause everyone to sit up and take notice. My hope is to empower you to take simple, but powerful steps to begin to optimize your brain health and function, so it can be healthy for as long as you live!