Energetic Health Support Solutions to Heal from Chronic Fatigue, Long Haulers and Lyme

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Healing from Chronic Fatigue and exhaustion effectively requires a wide array of modalities. As we discussed in our previous blog, chronic fatigue is not a benign issue- it reflects a brain that is “on fire.” Considering that scientists have proven that the brain changes that lead to dementia occur in individuals almost twenty years before the first symptom appears, we should take chronic fatigue and brain fog seriously. [1]

The tricky thing about this is that reversing this process requires more than just managing blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose (though these ARE foundational). In our blog, Cell Danger Response: The true Cause for Chronic Disease, we took a deep dive into the mitochondria and its role in disease and healing. Here is the short summary: to truly reverse disease, you must start with healing the mitochondria.

For a quick review– the mitochondria are the “powerhouse of the cell,” where ATP (cell energy) is made, but energy in the form of electrons (like what powers your electronics) is necessary for the mitochondria to make the needed ATP energy for the cells to function. We know that toxins steal electrons from the cell, leaving the mitochondrial unable to its job in producing energy. What you might not know is that when this happens, the mitochondria leave their normal job in the powerplant to deploy to a combat division– they become part of your immune system fighting invaders.

When those mitochondria who are fleeing the cell are leaving the brain cells- it leaves you feeling exhausted, brain foggy and fatigued. The goal is to restore the mitochondrial energy resources and drive them back into the cells so the cell can function!

This is where Energetic Health Support (EHS) modalities (sometimes called energy medicine), come in and act as powerful tools to reverse disease.

Before we talk about the scientifically valid tools available in this category, let’s look at a brief history of how we came to understand human physiology and the tools we have for healing.

Sometimes when we know where we came from, it helps us to understand better where we are!

Where We Were and Where We Are Now

Over the last century, we had an ever developing understanding of the cell as well as human biology and physiology.

Around the time when the average American household began owning their own televisions in the 1950’s, Watson and Crick discovered DNA and the scientific world began exploring genetics. [2]

In the decade that followed, as Elvis burst onto the scene, another giant in the scientific world, Linus Pauling, began describing the relationship between specific nutrient deficiencies and disease. Having contributed to the research about DNA, he expanded his research and proposed treating many diseases, particularly psychiatric illnesses, with supplements and diet. We now know diet and supplementation doesn’t just support molecular biological functions, but also how your genes express themselves (epigenetics). [3] Of note, Linus Pauling won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the 1950s for his research in quantum mechanics- more on that in a minute..[4]

We cruised for a while without any significant breakthroughs until the decade of Run DMC, the Culture Club, Michael Jackson and Madonna. During that decade, we began to have a more complete understanding of cell biology.

The 1990’s led to a better understanding of molecular biology and inflammation/free radicals/antioxidants. The human genome project was completed in 2003, which allowed us to fully describe what each gene is coded for in the body.

Epigenetics, the study of how we can turn the expression of genes up or down, quickly followed. We began to learn how to directly influence the genes we were born with during the 2000s.

In the last, most recent decade, the field of physics began to regularly cross into the realm of human health. Clinics introduced biofeedback, even quantum biofeedback, as early as the late 2000s. We did have pioneers ahead of their time, like Hulda Clark in the 1980’s, who cataloged the specific frequencies of hundreds of living things. [5] This seemed a little “too alternative” for most western scientific minds, but in the field of Quantum Physics it made perfect sense.

Quantum physicists have been studying frequencies and electrons and describing how they work since Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr in the 1940s, finally culminating in this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of quantum entanglement. [6] Quantum entanglement demonstrates the reality that electrons in one place can affect electrons in a distance far from one another, resulting in physically observable changes.

Also during this time, scientists like Gerald Pollack [7] discovered the fourth phase of water or structured water inside the human body. The combination of a growing understanding of quantum energy, structured water and light has led many in integrative health to heavily promote things like sun-gazing, grounding, infrared light, etc.

What are Energetic Health Solutions?

This brings us to EHS (Energetic Health Solutions). The solutions for chronic fatigue that are found in this category are relying on the understanding that

1.) to support and heal the mitochondria, we need to provide electrons and energy
2.) electrons can influence the structured water inside cells, positively affecting our genes and chromosomes
3) electrons reduce the damage toxins can cause to the body

Some of the top tools that I use in this category include fulvic/humic acid, essential oils, quantum biofeedback, redox supplementation, infrared sauna, full spectrum light therapy, and grounding. We talked about some of the energetic benefits of essential oils and fulvic acid in the blog, Essential oil and Binders: a Powerful Combination, so today I want to introduce you to the most cutting edge advances in bioenergetics- Quantum Biofeedback.

Quantum Biofeedback

When I was first introduced to this technology, I was a full skeptic. I like to have a pretty comprehensive understanding about the tools I use for my own health and the health of my clients, but here’s the thing- I never really liked regular physics, much less something far more abstract, like Quantum Physics. I understood that electrons are not limited by space or time (think quantum leap) and that they are the cause of different frequencies, but HOW it happens really.. I had no idea.

So, after buying my quantum biofeedback system, I just started scanning my family and friends and harmonizing the frequencies reflecting poor function of genes or food allergens. I studied (and keep studying) how to target specific health needs to smooth out the healing reactions many of my Lyme clients would have.

One of the first mind blowing reactions I had was when my sister called and said that she thought that my nephew had the dreaded c- pathogen. I scanned him and searched for the related frequencies and sure enough, yes, he did have the frequency of C01_9 in his body. By the time I texted her to tell her what I found, he had already gone to the urgent care center and had the little guy swabbed. Can you guess it? He was positive. Did I mention that they live on the east coast and I live out west?

Electrons are not limited by space or time…

It didn’t take long to accumulate dozens more experiences like this before I had to admit that even though I cannot fully explain quantum entanglement to you, it is a reality. I began to use this in my practice to smooth out the terrible die-off experiences many of my clients have. I have used it in my long-hauler population to stimulate healthy gene function, deal with the myriad of allergies these folks develop, combat brain fog and fatigue and speed up their recovery!

If you are dealing with chronic fatigue, long haulers, Lyme disease, or any chronic health issue that causes significant brain fog or exhaustion, you will want to be sure that you add energetic health support tools to your regimen. Diet and supplementation and detox are more effective when we recognize and support the energy of the cells.

To learn more, schedule a free 15 minute discovery call or join us in an upcoming webinar!

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