Does the Perfect Supplement Exist? Evaluating C60 Supplementation for Brain Health and Longevity

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What does a Red Giant, the dying star that has exhausted its core hydrogen and begun a process of thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen in its outer shell, have to do with a powerful longevity support supplement?

C60, the other-worldly supplement with impacts beyond the wellness industry is found emitting from these Red Giants.

C60 burst onto the wellness and longevity scene when it was discovered that it had a powerful impact on cellular repair and longevity. Senescent cells, or so-called zombie cells have long been known to contribute to ageing, atherosclerosis, cancer and arthritis. In a healthy environment, these cells are signaled to self-destruct, but when there is a ton of oxidative stress in the environment, this communication pathway is prevented, leading to persistent zombie cells. The problem with these cells is that they cause poor utilization and production of energy in the cells and when they persist, fewer stem cells are produced.

What that means for you is more rapid aging, low energy, chronic fatigue, and brain fog.

C60 is a unique supplement that does not fit neatly into the usual categories (herbal, homeopathic, nutritional, binder). It is in a category of its own- as a Superoxide Catalase Mimicker. As mentioned above, oxidative stress disrupts normal cell communication and function. Superoxide is a major free radical that contributes to this oxidative stress and Superoxide Catalase helps to eliminate those free radicals.

We have less of this enzyme (Superoxide Catalase) as we age, which is problem because in the production of normal cell energy, the mitochondria also produces a good bit of free radicals.

Free radicals cause oxidation, which cause cell death, which causes wrinkles and reduced collagen production, atherosclerosis, arthritis and general aging of the body.

C60 manages to capture free radicals and clear them within the mitochondrial membrane, leading to a variety of health benefits to include (but not limited to):

  • Enhanced longevity (anti-aging, anti-oxidant)Better toxin clearance and free radical scavengingResists damaging radiation to the bodyPrevents ultraviolet damagePrevents heavy metal–induced cell damageBeneficial to skin and hair (anti-aging)It helps the body replace four critical antioxidants that decrease through the aging process—Glutathione, Catalase, COQ10 and Superoxide DismutaseImproves energy production of cellsStimulates Pregnanolone production (Hormone Balancing)Supports mitochondrial functionsWeight loss, increased metabolismImproved cholesterolEndocrine stabilization
  • C60 has a powerful affect on the endocrine system, stabilizing hormone production and function. C60 has been shown to improved cholesterol utilization, resulting in improved cholesterol balance. Cholesterol is necessary to produce hormones like pregnenolone and pregnenolone production is stimulated by C60. The result is lower cholesterol and better hormone balance

    This unique supplement was discovered in the 1980s and was described as a 60 Carbon molecule that forms a hollow sphere in the shape of a soccer ball (or football, depending on where you are from). It is also called Buckminsterfullerene due to its shape, which allows it to have applications in medicine as well as wellness. Many patents currently exist in the pharmaceutical realm using C60 as a drug delivery system.

    As one of the hottest supplements in the area of longevity, there is, of course, a variety of choices in the market for suppliers. A few things to look for in a quality C60 supplement, to ensure quality of the product and your safety are the following:

    1. The product is expensive. Production of C60 is done in small batches and requires lasers, dark rooms and costly equipment. It is, per ounce, more expensive than gold. Any c60 product that comes inexpensively should raise your eyebrows and make you suspicious.
    2. C60 needs to be sublimated, not powdered or liquid. It is sublimated INTO a lipid suspension. Powdered C60 is actually PRO-inflammatory, so absolutely should be avoided.
    3. The lipid suspension used for sublimated C60 should be a high quality oil like MCT, Avocado and Olive oil. Avoid all seed oils, canola etc. The oil suspension should also be CLEAR and PURPLE colored. C60 is naturally a purple color. It should not be colorless or black.
    4. A high quality C60 product will provide independent third party quality testing of the product and the oil suspension.

    Let us know if you have ever used this supplement in your health journey and share your results.

    To learn more, listen to our podcast episode: The Perfect Supplement: C60 for Brain Health, Longevity, Beauty (and more).

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