What are the Basics of Clean Living?

by Sande Bargeron At Clean Living Basics, we have a dedicated focus on healthy, aggressive, and properly-ordered detoxification as the basis of good health and for healing diseases, particularly in our most vulnerable populations: our children. But clean living is not just about intentionally building detoxification into our lifestyle. It’s about learning to reasonably limit

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Are Toxins Really a Cause of Poor Health?

Most folks are familiar with OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This body, which was formed in the 1970s by President Richard Nixon, was designed to provide for safe conditions for employees by setting standards for workplace exposure to toxicants. This noble venture established workplace limits for 188 compounds, assessing exposure below the standards

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Real Detoxification

My experience with detoxification has probably looked similar to yours and most people. I was playing around with my Jack Lalane juicer about 15 years ago, hoping that cucumber juice would help me with weight loss, because I conflated detox with weight loss. Meanwhile, I was choosing my laundry detergent based on how strongly it

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