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Because this month’s blog topic was on Energetic Health Solutions or energy medicine, we are going to spotlight a very unique and powerful tool in this category. The product is Asea Redox supplementation. This product is very unique in the Redox supplementation world and it is the only product available in this category.

REDOX is shorthand for reduction- oxidation reactions. In our body, we have molecules that balance reduction (good) and oxidation (bad- think free radicals). Redox molecules also support the structured water within cells to enhance cell- to- cell communication. The research on redox molecules in the body is overwhelming, particularly as it relates to preserving healthy brain function as we age. Below are a few quotes from the biological journal, “Antioxidants and Redox Signaling:”

” In the brain, redox homeostasis is recognized to be involved in all aspects of CNS development, function, aging, and disease. Although genetic predisposition is an important contributor to the overall redox capacity of brain cells, the presence of xenobiotics (toxicants), inflammatory processes (injury), and high metabolic rates (glycative stress and oxidative metabolism) contribute to the onset/trigger of brain disorders linked to aging, neurodevelopmental alterations, and neurodegeneration. ”

“The role of oxidative stress, ROS (or free radicals), and mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegeneration has been reviewed extensively”

“Aging is the major risk factor for neurodegeneration and loss of cognitive function, and it is paralleled by the accumulation of oxidative damage. Aging is associated with a state of growth arrest named cellular senescence, which in the brain has been primarily described for glial cells”

“Neurons are high energy consumers displaying high rates of oxidative metabolism. Brain’s high metabolic rate makes it highly vulnerable to oxidative damage as ∼1% to 2% of the oxygen consumed during respiration is converted into {free radicals}”[1]

“Oxidative stress can result not only from increased ROS production, but also from decreased ROS scavenging ability. “[2]

Redox reactions are necessary to balance the damage free radicals do to your cells
Redox reactions are possible if you have the necessary redox molecules present in the body
As we age, we have significantly less redox signaling molecules in our bodies
Health conditions where a large amount of toxic injury has occurred (autism, dementia, Lyme, heart attacks, etc.) require more redox signaling molecules to protect and heal damaged cells and counteract the free radical damage from toxins.

Asea is the only product available that has stabilized these very fragile redox signaling molecules in a way to be able to deliver them to the body directly. Other methods of boosting these molecules are indirect and expensive, like IV NAD+.

For more information, and for those of you who just love all the science, check out this lecture by Dr Samuelson at the Autism One conference:

To order Asea click on the link below!

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