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With four out of five of my kids affected by this, I have used my clinical background (ironically) to challenge the accepted understanding of ADHD root causes and support or treatment. It’s been a journey of discovery.

To sum up:
Food allergies, mold, dirty water, dirty air, petroleum based products and too many stored chemicals are the major factors that cause hyperactivity and inattention. A heightened sensitivity to petroleum products (dyes, lotions, ect) has also been well known as a cause since the 1970s!

Where the average kiddo might get a little hyper at a birthday party after eating the colorful sheet cake, the petroleum sensitive child will STAY that way for 5-10 DAYS!! (Trust me.. its miserable).
So, it was mind- blowing to me to discover these chemicals are found in the medications that we use TO TREAT ADHD- we are basically suppressing the symptoms while daily giving the child the very thing that causes the symptoms.😞

Thank goodness for all the tools we have to detoxify from petrochemicals and to calm their nervous systems, like binders, supplements and essential oils. It IS POSSIBLE to support these kids naturally-  one of the big ways is to avoid the triggers until we can give their bodies what they need to heal and repair.

Below is the package insert of a common ADHD medication. (The petroleum based ingredients are highlighted). I have reviewed several other medication in the same category and posted the images of those inserts to our facebook page for easy access.

Package insert of Vyvanse: (the package insert of all of the medications in this category are available online. Simply scroll to page 100000 – the last page of the document to find the inactive ingredients.)

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